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Stay In Place

Morning to you guys and gents!
I am in Illinois and today a “Stay in Place” order will take effect at 12pm.
I am like “Wow!” The Littles and I just took long stroll around the neighborhood.

Saying prayers and singing songs as we went. I feel like this mandate could be looked at as prophetic in a way. It’s called Stay in Place, just look at that. If you have been faithful stay in that place. If you have been worshiping stay in that place. If you have been reaching goals stay in that place.

See this time as a time to rest, reflect, and renew. After this you will be stronger, wiser even. Nothing is in vain, He is still on the throne.

Peace to you,

Keierra ReeNell

New Life

What does it mean to have a new life?

It means that you were dead and now you are alive!

New life can consist of many things.

Examples are

  • A change in environment
  • A change in mindset
  • Creating a self-care routine
  • Letting go of negative thoughts

Also, seeing yourself in a healthy way. Opening up your mind to seeing the good in little things is a great way to start. Be encouraged change is good!

Blessings to you.