Black and White

Michael Jackson had a controversial song out entitled “Black or White”. It was not considered controversial for the lyrics but for the ending of his video. He was walking through and singing about issues of race during the bridge of the song and he busted windows in an abandoned vehicle. Then transformed into a black panther and walked away from the scene.

As a person of color I was a true MJ fan. I new all his songs but sadly it was not until I grew up that I understood his hidden messages of love, compassion and equality within many of his chart topping songs. You might ask yourself why is this important to me? The reason being our Earth is still hurting in 2020, due to hate and fear. 

Racism and discrimination is still very alive despite the Civil War, and Civil Rights movement in the 60’s. Love can only drive out Hate”. The very wise Martin L. King Jr. said this. With his birthday and holiday fast approaching let us remember to share a smile with someone new and treat others how we want to be treated.

Blessings and Peace be unto you all!!

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