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Girl, Let Them Talk.

I had to share these encouraging words with you.
I did not write this piece but I was touched by it.
Be well.

Truly Beautiful

Girl, let them talk.

Let them talk about you and how you’re not “good enough” to talk about God and all He‘s done in your life because of the mistakes you’ve made. Let them talk about how you’re just trying to impress and trying to get attention. Let them talk about how they believe you’re not even pretty or that you’re trying too hard. Girl, let them talk.

Girl, let them stare.

Let them stare because they notice that you dress differently. And act differently. And live differently. Let them stare as your feet walk a different direction from the crowd. Girl, let them stare.

Girl, let them exclude you.

Let them move when you walk to the table. Let them not invite you to the party. Let them not include you in the group chat. Girl, let them exclude you.

Girl, get up and go.


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