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What does 2GBG stand for? I’m glad you asked. It stands for To God be Glory. That is the motto of my life so it is fitting to also be the motto of my business. I believe that we are children of the Most High God. Every human being is related spiritually and connected. Our heavenly Father created us to create. We can create our lives by what we speak as in the book of Proverbs. Life and death are in the power of our words. We can create thoughts in others by them hearing our voices in their heads. We can create atmospheres of peace, love and joy. Or we could create atmospheres of chaos, hate, and fear. The choice is ours.

In 2GBG our purpose is to give the option for you to have clothing and accessories that promote positive ideals. Our pieces can be worn in everyday life and for making a statement. We have unisex hoodies and t-shirts. As well as home items like throw pillows. For you coffee, hot cocoa, and tea drinkers we have nice ceramic mugs.

We hope to bless you and encourage you to know that you are able to shine bright. The Good Book says that we should arise and shine for our light has come. Jesus Christ is the light of the world and He lives in us! Our bodies are the home for His Holy Spirit let’s adorn it with things that promote the Good News He brought.

Ten percent of every dollar made will be donated to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army, the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, the Sickle Cell Disease Association, the South Side Mission youth department and various domestic violence advocate organizations. Updates will be given to you. Please feel free to check out the online store at Please remember to type the code NEWYEARLOOK in your checkout get the discount of free shipping on orders $50 or more until 1/17/2018!

Peace and Blessings to you,

Keierra ReeNell Moore

Owner of 2GBG

Staying Focused

Have you ever had a hard time staying on track? I know I have. With all the ups and downs that life can bring it’s a little exhausting. “Whew!”  Now that you and I have caught our breath let’s continue. Earlier this year I joined a fitness club. I was consistent and went four days a week for four months. Then I quit. In my defense I had never been to the gym consistently before and really could not handle (stand) the older guys hitting on me. Not literally of course!

So right there I lost my focus. I had a goal weight loss and even threw out my junk food. I even got my little guys involved and we went as a family to the gym. We ran, jumped and skipped up a sweat. But I let someone’s actions shift my FOCUS. 





See what I did there? I shifted your focus to the letters above. Our minds can be influenced to change thus pushing our goals further away. One month ago I started going back to the gym, I saw “Pops” he tried it and I ignored him and went to the treadmill. I kept my focus and meet a young lady who needed a work out buddy! Look at how God worked that out for me. But it is up to me to stay focused.

Another time I wanted to start a business. I helped someone keep their business afloat and share my ideas with her in hopes she would mentor me. She did not. I was discouraged and pushed my idea to the back burner while doing all she asked of me. I celebrated her success and was the youngest board member in her organization. I was not completely happy though. So this year I wrote a plan and this month I started to execute it.

I started a small online store and will stay focused to make my goals attainable from now on. Please check it out and use the discount for free shipping until Jan. 17, 2018. Staying focused can bring peace and stability to you in many ways. Try it you may like it.

Blessings to you!