Real Love

    “Real love I’m searching for a real love. Someone to give my heart to real love…” lyrics from the famous Mary J. Blige song. How many ladies and gents are searching for this type of love? Come on you can tell me. I am here to let you know that you may never find it, not in the form of a person I may add.

   This real love is unbiased, unselfish,”I’d give my life for you” sacrificial and never false. It only comes from God. He loved you so much He created you and gave you parents. He also kept you safe as you grew. Even through your hardships and disappointments His love was there.

   Sometimes it is hard for us to accept this if we are not used to being loved unconditionally. It is often rejected and misunderstood but God’s love still follows you. God does grace people to love as He does but trust me they don’t come close to the Father’s love. He loves you so much He sent His son to die for your future sins. He is forever merciful. He loved you when you didn’t love yourself and He will comfort you in times of pain. So if you are seeking and “looking for it with a flashlight” per Future. I suggest just looking up and saying “Father love me.”

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