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Have you heard of the hashtag #jadapose? A young girl went to a house party was drugged and raped. Her body was positioned in sort of a yoga pose. One leg straight with other folded and her torso on the floor. She was naked from the waist down. Pictures were taken and posted on social media.
  Instead of being outraged youth started mocking her and copying the pose posting it online with the hashtag #jadapose. Sexual abuse or assault is a crime, not a laughing matter! It’s unbelievable that in this generation there is no compassion for this beautiful girl. She reported the assault and has been strong in the process.
  To anyone male or female who have experienced this violence first I apologize for the violation and secondly I relate with you. I also ask you to speak about it. Talk if it happened years ago or five minutes ago. You deserve to be healed and set free. Don’t let sham and fear keep you silent! The life you save may very well be your own but you can save others and they will thank you.
#istandwithJada #Jadacounterpose #rapeisnotajoke