A Christian’s Response to Unplanned Pregnancies.

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50% of pregnancies are unplanned. Every single day, new pregnancies are occurring in which women are left to make hard decisions.

Every single Sunday, there is the possibility that an unplanned pregnancy may walk through the church doors.

How should a Christian respond to this?

Statistically, 43% of women who have had an abortion were regular (once a month or more) churchgoers at the time of their abortion, and sadly 54% said they would not recommend discussing an unplanned pregnancy with someone at church. — Save the Storks

Let’s take a look at how Jesus responds to a difficult situation…

John 8 starts by sharing the story of the adulteress woman. She is thrown before Jesus’ feet by the scribes and Pharisees. “Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what do you say?” They were tempting Jesus in such a way where they had placed…

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It’s Okay to Walk Away

Beautifully penned.


Love is not ABUSE.

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Daughters Speak

A Poem.

It’s okay to leave somebody…when you’re past the honeymoon phase.

It’s okay to leave somebody…when respect only goes one way.

It’s okay to leave somebody…then just fold your hands and pray…

That they’ll treat the next someone right…and won’t chase them away.


It’s okay to leave somebody…who could never love you well.

They can’t see outside themselves, they’ll have to find somebody else.

It’s okay. Shhh….It’s okay.


Violent thoughts, violent words, violent behaviors. Just no bruises.

The place where I came to heal left me battered and broken still.

Was I the only one who couldn’t see…

That you were never good for me?


It’s okay to leave somebody whom you’ve outgrown.

It’s okay to leave someone that at first felt familiar

But as it turns out you’ve actually never known


Unwanted, unwelcome, misunderstood.

You always thought you were the problem.

It’s okay… Shhhh……

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LOSING my Voice

A Vent Poem

Losing my Voice

Yep! I cannot speak

on Vocal Rest

As a artist who uses the voice as an instrument this is HARD


Yes, I yelled that in type

since I cannot yell it out loud!

I have to prove to people

that I cannot talk

I have to speak with a strained voice

because they want to hold a conversation.

How rude of them to force me to bring pain to myself for their own selfishness.


Just yelled again,

the hurt is deep.

Three doctors said “Vocal REST”

Christ said “Come unto me and I will give thee REST”

I was just know finding my Voice and now I am losing it!

But I am finding PEACE in the SILENCE.

Praises be to God Most High!

Losing my voice but growing my FAITH.


Where are you men of COURAGE???

Where are you men of COURAGE?

Will the REAL men of God please stand up?

I will get to my sisters in a min

Did you know YAHWEH created you first for a reason?

You were to be His image in the Earth. 

A king after the King of kings!

You have dominion over all NOT as a DICTATOR but a SERVANT to your people. 

You were to TEACH, PROTECT, HONOR, AND SERVE how was “EVE” suppose to know how to do it???

So again, I ask where are you men of COURAGE???

We need you to ARISE! 

Where are you???

Hey Where are the Virtuous Women?

The Bible says their value is more than rubies.

Wisdom is their sister and understanding their next of kin.

They laugh without fear of the future.

They build their communities and encourage other women.

They are role models to all around them.

They are called Blessed! 

They do not compete for approval for they know who and whose they are!

They are Daughters of the Highest King and smile even in the midst of pain. 

Where are you Virtuous Women? 

Mightier Than the Sword

Mr. Edward Bulwer-Lytton said this in 1839 “The pen is mightier than the sword.” It is believed that he felt that the written word had more power than acts of violence. He was a playwright and an author, so he took words very seriously.

I can agree that some written works have hit me deeper than some words spoken to me every will. For instance the Bible, or books of poetry, effect me stronger than a spoken conversation with someone.

The media in the USA has proven this statement by Mr. Bulwer-Lytton to be true in a lot of ways. Our newspapers, blog posts, promotional flyers and many other non verbal communication can lean a nation left or right. I am not politically speaking here, just stating facts.

A person can be proven innocent or guilty by the words penned about them. A woman can be seen as less than a man due to the words penned about her. A person’s life could be judged based on what was written in their obituary.

Crazy that words have so much power huh? Well, let’s ponder on this. Words are formed in our minds, then we think on them, pull them from our hearts, and share them either by writing them or speaking them.

I remember once as a youth I wrote a letter confessing that I would commit suicide because of the stress of my life. I had been doing homework at the kitchen table and wrote the letter in middle of my notebook. Someone in my family looked at it. It created an issue! I did not use nice words. I used words full of pain and depression! I wrote about all that hurt me and sadly my family did not see it as a cry for HELP! They took my suicide note as a personal attack, why because of the WORDS WRITTEN THEREIN.

I cut my older cousin deep to the depths of her heart and soul by saying “I wish my family would leave me the *@#^! ALONE!” That one sentence blocked her from seeing the other three paragraphs that detailed how I would end my life. That one sentence “blinded” her to the truth of my despair and she did not consul me she attacked me.

As you may know I did not succeed in my suicide attempt but I have NOT given up using written word to get my feelings, thoughts, and ideas out of the abyss of emotional roller-coasters, inside of my heart, mind and soul. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my gift with the world.

May this “pen” of mine “stab” many to change their lives and those around them for the better!

Keierra Reenell